All I see is a white screen

This is most common on the first day of the month for Lobby TV users, and is almost always because the new month’s content didn’t download.Usually this is because your internet connection was down or had some failure, or because your internet connection has a slower speed than recommended and the content has not yet fully downloaded.If this is the case, please see our section on Connectivity to verify your internet is working.

Another reason could be that the Time Zone was not set correctly when your device was initially registered. To ensure the right time zone is set, please click the top left button on the remote control to access Settings, and then navigate down to Date and Time settings.

The final, and least likely reason, is that your Program Hours have not been set. To check this, login and view the classic view of Drive (NOT the Dashboard view), and in the top right corner you’ll see “Welcome {your name}”. This is also where you logout. Click the arrow next to the account name, and then choose Settings. Click the Program Hours tab and make sure you have set some hours for when your business is open.

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