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Sorry, but no - that feature is not currently available in our system. But it is on our list to add in the future.

I'm sorry you're having such a frustrating time using the menu system. We'd love to help. We can even log into your account and make changes for you - while doing a screen share so you can see what we're doing. The AutoPilot program is designed to keep your Top 10 chosen services in the top 10 lines on the menu template each time - with the rest being rotated through each time the menu appears. If you want to create your own, or edit a master template we've created for our users, we can show you a quick way to change the background and keep all your services in the same place - or to copy and save a new menu template. Please call our Customer Success team at 801-492-9900, and we'd love to show you how this is done. Or you can post your email address here and we can schedule a time that works best for you.

For some templates it's 414 x 244, and others it's 317 x 187. Very similar aspect ratio. But don't worry - the system preserves the aspect ratio of your original image, and the black line you see in the online preview does not appear on the TV screen itself.

Good question. Take the same video that you uploaded to YouTube, and upload it into your AutoNetTV account online. Just login to your account at, and click on the link to Upload Image or Video. Once uploaded, you can choose to add your video to your program. The media player will then download the video to its internal storage and play the video - along with the rest of the content in the program.

Our media players are designed to play content from its internal storage (not streaming) - so the program will continue to play even if/when your Internet connection is lost, and the videos will always be good quality. If you can't find your original video, you can search for tools on the Internet that will allow you to download and save your original YouTube video, and then upload it from your computer to your account.

To all - we apologize for the server outage issue we experienced today. It began in the middle of the night and continued for several hours. The issue was completely resolved a few hours ago - hopefully, if you called us, you received word by phone that the issue was resolved. We're finalizing a new round of enhancements and features that you'll soon receive as part of your subscription service to Menu and/or Lobby TV - and those server changes were part of this outage. We'll notify all of our customers by email when we release these new features (without any more server outages), and give you the complete details and information on how to use them with your account. Thank you so much for your patience and your business. Please email or call with any additional issues.