How many media players do I need for my business

It depends on how many different programs you want displayed, and/or how many waiting areas or customer interaction zones you have. If you have only one small waiting area, and no other areas for customers to sit or interact with you, the answer is only one. For others with large waiting areas, or separated areas, or those that wish to display different content on different screens, more than one media player may be needed. It all depends on your business layout and marketing goals. If you have a separate waiting area where customers sit, and you also have a service desk where you interact with customers, we generally recommend you get the Lobby TV program for your waiting area, and the Menu Board program for your service desk.

We’d be happy to help you with this decision; so, if you’re not sure, give us a call at 801-492-9900. But, you can show the same program on multiple screens with only one media player – by splitting the video signal. See article on Can I connect multiple TVs to one media player

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