How can I contact customer service - can I call for help

We absolutely love to talk with and help our customers.

Before you call, please have and do the following so our time on the phone isn’t longer than you need:

  1. Have your username/email address used for the account.
  2. Have the media player remote control.
  3. Make sure all cables are properly attached, and all devices are plugged into power and turned on.
  4. Reboot your media player. This will solve many issues by itself.
Call us at 801-492-9900 between 8 am and 5 pm Mountain Time. We’d be happy to help!

For Internet Connection assistance - you are responsible for the performance and connection settings of your network/internet. We can provide some assistance, but it will be very limited since we are not there to access your settings, configure equipment, etc. We are severely limited in helping you with your internet, similar to how you are limited in servicing a vehicle for a customer over the phone. If you want our assistance with your internet connection, please make sure that your network administrator is available for the phone call, and has all of your settings, passwords, etc, on hand.

If you still have questions or problems, you can send us an email at

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