Error - Can’t connect to the Internet

If the media player connects to your wireless network, but cannot connect to the Internet to complete the registration process, please check the following:

1) Confirm that your Internet connection is working by attempting to connect using another device. BUT FIRST – if your other device, like a phone, is already connected to your network, be sure to Cancel and Forget your existing connection first. Then try to connect after entering the information again. This often helps you discover if your network requires additional authentication (see below), or some other information.

2) Make sure your network does not require the user to enter additional information or check a box on an Authentication page or website. If so, this type of connection will not work.

3) If you’re not able to connect using another device, contact your Internet Service Provider or network administrator for assistance.

If you still have problems connecting to your network, please contact your Internet Service Provider, or your network administrator. You can also call our Customer Success Team at (801) 492-9900 to provide assistance, or send us an email at - but please note that our team cannot see your network and is not responsible for its settings or configuration, and thus may not be able to resolve your issue.

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