What if my TV is far away from where I'll put the media player

No problem, as long as you have cables long enough to connect the media player to the TV. Long Ethernet (wired internet) cables are easy to find and fairly inexpensive (go to www.Monoprice.com). But the HDMI cable, used to display the video and audio, is trickier. Although HDMI provides the highest video resolution currently available, the recommended maximum length for HDMI cable is usually about 50 feet (depending on the specifications, quality and other features of the actual cable – such as a built-in equalizer). Otherwise, reduction or complete loss of signal will result. Generally, to have HDMI cable run longer than 50 feet requires additional devices. The most common and readily accessible solutions are an HDMI signal booster (which boosts the signal over the long cable runs), or an extender that can extend the HDMI cable run length, and keep a strong effective signal in place. This device first boosts and then extends the signal down the length of the cable after the signal is received. A newer solution that works great is an HDMI splitter amplifier over CAT5 or CAT6. Basically, it converts the audio and video to Ethernet signals that travel over internet lines – which can easily run hundreds of feet. Receivers are then used to convert the signal back to HDMI at the end of the run.

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