My device isn't connected - I lost my internet connection

Your business internet settings can change, which can disconnect your device from the AutoNetTV servers. The most common culprits are:

    1. Buying a new router – users then forget to verify or change the settings in their media player to match and/or connect with the new router.
    2. Changing your network password – users often change their network password on their router, but forget to change it on their media player. Using the included remote control, press the top left button to access the system settings. Click Connectivity Settings to verify the correct settings have been entered.
    3. Connecting to a “guest” wireless network (for your customers), rather than your usual business network. Guest networks often require authentication pages (must check a box on a web page to connect), or will kick users off after a certain amount of time on the network.
    4. Changing access settings on your network – networks have advanced settings to help control the devices and/or content allowed on a network. Settings like:
      • i.Whitelisting or URL Filtering. This setting restricts the websites that can be accessed on the network. If your network has this restriction, you’ll need to add the following sites to your approved list:
        1. *
        2. *
        3. *
        4. *
        5. *
        6. *
        7. *
        8. The AutoNetTV device accesses content via ports 80 and 443.
      • Static IP Address. These usually are obtained by paying a certain $ amount per month to your internet provider for a block of specific IP addresses (such as that act similar to phone #s – there can only be one assigned to each device, and once one is assigned to a device it cannot be assigned to another device. If your network requires a Static IP address to be assigned to each device, then you need to have an extra Static IP available to assign, you must know what that available address is, and you must enter it in the Connectivity Settings of the device.

The Time Zone setting on your media player may also be the cause. If the proper Time Zone of where the media player is located was not chosen during the initial registration (when you first received and connected your media player), this may impact different download and content play settings. To verify, point the included remote control at the media player and choose the top left button (Settings). Next, choose Date Time settings. In the right hand column that appears, verify your correct time zone has been chosen in the Select Time Zone field.

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