Recommended Internet Requirements

A broadband internet connection (i.e. dedicated, such as DSL, Cable, Fiber, etc.; not dial-up) with a minimum speed of 2 Mbps is required; 6 Mbps speed is recommended. The device can connect Wired or Wireless (Wi-Fi).

You should have your internet settings prior to receiving the equipment so you can complete the installation more easily. You’ll also need a way to connect the media player to your internet network (if you are connecting Wired) such as a router, and an Ethernet cable (available from your IT manager, network provider, or online at Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity to the media player requires you to simply know your Wi-Fi network name (called an SSID) and the password – if one is set on your network.

NOTE – some networks have additional security features such as requiring a Static IP address be assigned to each device on the network. You’ll need to obtain this information from your network provider/manager before attempting to connect the device.

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